happy couple after just getting married
bride embraces father after he sees her in dress.
groom portrait
Groom and bride, with the groom holding the bride's hand as both raise their hands in celebration between them. Captured by Richard Clarke, a talented wedding photographer in UK
same sex couple looking incredible
A boy carrying his girlfriend on his back, walking along the seaside, skillfully captured by Richard Clarke for London Pre-wedding Photos.

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groom delicately  kisses brides shoulder during toasts
groom looks lovingly at bride

Dorset Wedding photographer

In my view, wedding photography should always be honest, creative and driven by authentic moments and real human connection. It must tell a story and evoke intense feelings.

I'll start with some upfront advice - whether it’s me or someone else, please hire a photographer whose work and storytelling you adore but most importantly, hire a photographer you like & trust!

I hope you feel the same way. Let's talk and explore if I might be the person to tell your story.

Hello, I'm Rich!

I'm a Dorset Wedding Photographer covering the entire UK and most destinations beyond. I hate having my picture taken, so this photo from a few (okay maybe 8) years back will have to suffice. I'm definitely as thin as when this was taken...

I love this job, I really do. I struggle to imagine doing anything else. After my first few weddings I knew I'd stumbled upon a job that I could truly love. After doing this for over 10 years and shooting weddings across the globe, I am known for creating wedding photos that tell a story and are packed with human emotion & creativity. I've never fallen into the trap of copying any industry trends and I avoid cheesy, cookie-cutter images like the plague. I care more about how a moment feels than how it looks and I work extremely hard on a wedding day to capture as many meaningful photos as humanly possible.

If I do my job right, the photos we create together will tell a timeless story of your wedding day, a story which you will be beyond proud to share with all your friends and family for decades to come.