Personal Stuff

I’m Rich (Clarkie), a UK Destination Wedding Photographer, and I recently returned to the UK after 10 years living in Los Angeles, California. I now live in beautiful Dorset with my two boys Toby & Charlie and my incredible wife, Clare.

Being a Dad to my boys is everything to me and I’m lucky enough to have created a life, through photography, that allows me to spend as much time as possible with them - often exploring the globe as part of my work.

I’m a 1980s baby and spent the first decade of my living between Ghana & Cornwall, due to my Father’s work. Travel is in my blood. I’m happiest when at the beach with my family, seeing my boys making the most of our stunning environment.

I love all sports but as an 80s baby, my body now restricts me to playing tennis & golf, with the odd parkrun every so often. I love football and support Liverpool, something my youngest recently questioned given my geographic upbringing. I promptly bought him a Liverpool kit to shut down that line of questioning..

When clients become lifelong friends


How did I get here?

After my first few weddings I knew I'd stumbled upon a job that I could truly love. I struggle to imagine doing anything else. Wedding photography isn't without it’s downsides, that's for sure, but I knew early on that it would make me smile, not just at weekends. I was finally creating something meaningful for clients - couples who I saw as friends and with whom I had a real connection with. I'd never had that before and I cherish that aspect of this job more than anything.

I’m fascinated by the connections, personalities, and behaviours which fuel the human stories I'm paid to document. Capturing people as they are, observing and preserving memories so they can be remembered for decades to come, drives everything I do behind the camera.

The fact I’m a half decent wedding photographer is still to this day, even after eleven years of not sucking at it, such a strange reality. I got a 1st class degree in Biology from Exeter Uni but then somehow found myself working in IT Sales after Uni. It was a serious, steady career and it felt like that was my path, whether I liked it or not.

Yet, after we moved to LA in 2012 for Clare’s work, I took the decision to put my career of 8 years on hold and attempt to turn my hobby into a job. By early 2013 I had setup a website, registered my business and was already hustling in a wildly saturated LA market to get my first wedding. My first one was Matty & Valerie in Malibu. I did an ok job. The rest, as they say, is history. Within months I was shooting weddings across California, Alaska and even Bali.


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