Los Angeles & Destination Wedding Photographer



I’m Rich (Clarkie), a British born Destination Wedding Photographer, currently based just outside of Los Angeles, California where I live with my wife Clare, 4yr old son Toby and soon to be 2yr old Charlie!

I love what I do because I’m fascinated by the human connections, personalities, and behaviors which fuel those stories. Capturing authentic moments for my clients drives everything I do behind the camera and in my opinion, is what wedding photography should be all about.

Couples come to me because they trust that I'll tell their story in an honest way, jam-packed with life, emotion, and creativity. I aim to shoot how it feels not how it looks and I won't ask you to perform any cheesy poses. I'll be on the lookout for authentic and honest connections over and above everything else.

If some of this resonates with you, we should talk soon and I'll share more about me and ask lots about you - be prepared!


My Everything

I always spend time pondering what to include on this page. Do I share with you my thoughts and dreams, likes and dislikes, witty anecdotes, or a professionally produced video capturing how awesome I am with clients, displaying my crushing wit and suggesting I’m super outdoorsy with a hint of genius. You know the type.

I took the decision to keep this page updated with something personal, family-focussed – because that’s currently my everything. Nothing is more important.

My oldest Toby turned 4 in December 2020 but back in 2019 a friend bought him a small Kids Camera when he was still 3. He’s been using it on and off since with little support from me, and I decided to download and edit recently. The following slideshow is how my 3/4 yr old sees the world, and to me, it’s kind of magical and captures the beauty in our very ordinary lives.


Disney, Dogs and Batman

To know me and understand how I see things, it might be easiest to show some personal work.

2019 saw the birth of our 2nd boy Charlie and capturing his birth story and Toby seeing him for the first time will be the most important photographs I ever make.

When Toby met his new brother..

Birth of Charlie