Alaska Destination Wedding


May 4, 2018

“There was a moment where he even told me to breathe, calming me down since my nerves were clearly obvious, moments before walking down the aisle.

He just seems like he cares, he is passionate about his work, and for the day, is a part of the family even though he is there for a specific job. My family and friends absolutely adored him. We have had nothing but amazing comments about how fun he was and I can’t even put words to how much we love the gallery and slideshow we have now received from our big day. Rich deserves all the praise possible.

We will cherish these photos forever”

Chelsea & Adam

bride and groom walk down road in shadow of alaskan mountains

Chelsea and Adam’s beautiful Alaska Destination Wedding last year was one of the best experiences of my wedding photography career, and their kind words above mean the world to me.

They flew me up from Los Angeles to capture their intimate backyard wedding in Nikiski. The backdrop for the weekend was one of the many gorgeous lakes in Nikiski, a few hours stunning drive south of Anchorage. This was my fifth time visiting Alaska – four weddings and an engagement shoot later, even though I’m starting to know my way around, I love that I’ve still barely touched the surface, and have so many parts of this great state to still explore.

These are the people I want to spend time with and the adventures I want to experience. I love Alaska for the experiences it has afforded me and of course the epic scenery I have witnessed, but without doubt, the thing that will always pull me back to Alaska is its people. Without exception, every person I met this particular weekend treated me like their friend or part of the family. To be honest, it’s been the same for every wedding adventure I’ve had up there. I can’t tell you how many offers I’ve had from practical strangers to go on fishing trips or on plane rides to see the north, the next time I visit..

You can never underestimate the impact that extra level of personal connection has on how I capture a wedding. I feel utterly invested in the story unfolding in front of me, and the kindness and trust they sent my way gave me the confidence to throw myself into every scene and moment, without fear of failure or of crossing any boundaries. That’s a rare feeling but it’s one I’ve experienced in Alaska more than anywhere else.

From the very first email and subsequent Skype call, I believed we could create something special and meaningful together and that we’d have fun in the process. Thankfully that’s what happened and I will be forever grateful to the Wedding Gods that Chelsea and Adam stumbled across my work.

I know this song takes them back to this day.

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