Album Decisions

We’re almost there guys! If you are on this page then your design is probably complete (or very close to being so). As soon as I have the answers to the questions in the form below we’ll be ready to place the order.

You have contracted for a 10×10 leather or fabric wedding album handmade by the incredible Redtree Albums. Once we place the order with them, it usually takes 3-4 weeks for them to complete the order. In order to make sure you get the album you want, we just need you to make a few decisions first. So work your way through the information and color palettes below, before completing the form below with your choices. You are deciding on the cover type, color, what goes on the cover and whether you want any extras like storage boxes or mini parent albums. If you are confused or need me to clarify anything just get in touch.

The form will calculate any additional fees due. This will only be the case if your design required additional spreads over the contracted 25, if you decide on a LUXE Leather cover type, order a storage box, order a mini album, or choose a Cameo front (image cut into from of the album cover).

Color palettes

Leather Covers

The following pallets are just for your guidance – your actual ‘choices’ will be made in the second half of this form using drop down menus.

Please Note: Some leathers deboss better than others. Our coffee bean, pinecone, maple and crema are very grainy leathers. For these, we recommend either a cameo, custom debossing or using the fonts Geo or Edinburgh.
Color Note: Coal is our black leather. Black bean is actually a very dark brown. As is our coffee bean.
Distressed Leathers These leathers include distressed marks

The following palette is for the LUXE Leather color options. These can be selected further down the form.

Please Note – Nabuk leathers are pure aniline leathers. These leathers are dyed and therefore color can fluctuate from different dyelots. Although we work hard to select colors from various dyelots to match as close as possible, there can be some variance in color tones.

Fabric Covers

Please note – Almond does not deboss as well as the other options. The letters won’t be very well pronounced. Overall debossing works best with leathers. 

Debossing Options


For hard to deboss materials, consider using Geo or Edinburgh.


You can visually compare debossing sizes here –


Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 11.29.08 PM

Cameo Cover

You can pick any image from your gallery to be a feature image on the front cover. There is an additional fee of $30 for this.

NB as with debossing, a cameo cover cannot be created on a mini parent albums. The covers for those smaller 6×6 albums must be blank.

Storage Boxes

We now offer a couple of options for wooden presentation boxes for storage/display of your wedding album(s). These boxes are are the perfect heirloom for storing, protecting and showcasing albums. They are handcrafted from bamboo or walnut with various stain choices and a smooth, clean finish. You can select a box in the form options below. You can also select custom engraving (example pics below) if you have a specific design/logo you want to supply to us.

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 5.35.26 PM

If you have any questions about the above guidance please give me a call and I will answer them!

Otherwise, if you’re ready to make your choices, complete the fields below and click submit. I’ll then confirm your choices with you and we’ll get your order moving.