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May 22, 2013

If we meet…

…which I hope we do,  I’ll tell you that albums are one of the most important parts of this whole wedding photography thing. I’ll tell you that choosing to get one at a later date means you probably won’t get one, as you’ll have spent all your money on the wedding and that you’ll therefore just end up with digital files sitting on your hard drive. If you’re still listening at that point, I’ll also tell you that the album is the one thing that will stand the test of time, it will be a feature in your home, something you get out when people visit and it will become one of your most precious possessions. You’ll nod politely and agree. Some of you will then choose a package with an album, some of you won’t – budgets just won’t allow and I get that.

The reason…

…..I will say all of the above is, well firstly because it’s true and secondly because my wife and I ignored the same advice and up until recently only had digital memories – that’s more than 2 years since our big day.. We took it for granted and we regretted it. After the wedding we were out of money and after receiving the files and slideshow we had convinced ourselves that was enough. I’m obviously selling to you, but I’m also telling you how it is and hoping you’ll see the truth in what I say, after that it’s up to you.

More detail..

….will be sent prior to any meeting (including all the pricing information and options for packages which include an album) and when we meet you’ll get to touch and feel one. I use RedTree Albums because they are a bit special, just ask around. I offer their Italian leather and fabric albums in 10×10 or 12×12 dimensions as part of a package or separately. Each material type comes with a range of colors to choose from and every album will have your names embossed on the front. Parents albums are also available – these are a 6×6 ‘mini’ copy of the large album.

The gallery above is of a particularly tasty Mocha Nabuk Leather album. These bad boys are just incredible, no question.




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