All of us remember the day we attended our first Indian Wedding, particularly those of us who didn’t grow up in that culture, and as a guest or photographer, the experience is always so vivid and memorable. My first experience was as a photographer, early in my career and so not only was I trying to do a good job, I was experiencing something totally new. I had researched the basic ceremonies & rituals as much as I could but when it came down to it, I just went with the flow, followed the moments and captured the beauty and chaos like I would any other wedding. That’s not to say that Indian Weddings are like other weddings, they aren’t. They are uniquely vibrant and stunning to the eye. They can last multiple days and are often big events with hundreds of guests focussed on celebrating two families coming together. The number of different ceremonies and rituals that take place throughout the day is somewhat overwhelming for those not used to it. Somehow, despite all the moving pieces, the jostling parties, clashing traditions from different regions, the demanding family members and numerous wardrobe changes, everyone arrives where they need to be eventually. There is beauty in the chaos and pure gold in the moments it creates. Just a joy to capture as a documentary wedding photographer.

I am now an experienced Indian Wedding Photographer based in Dorset but also serving London and beyond. I have received numerous awards and global recognition for the work I produce. Shooting UK Indian Weddings has to be one of my favourite aspects of the job and getting to do so is a real privilege. I’ve had the honor of capturing many highly entertaining Sangheets and Garba Nights; witnessed the most enchanting traditional dances by children and elders; seen the most stunningly simple and extravagant Mandaps; captured dramatic Baraats involving elephants, horses, and a Rickshaw; tried to make sense of the Vidai; struggled to find space during a Tika Ceremony in a small hotel room; stood and stared in awe at the beauty of every unique and intricate Sari; sampled food that cannot be beaten; photographed lots of coconuts and firey rituals as creatively as I can; remembered to remove my shoes at just the right time and been welcomed into each families traditions with open arms and warm smiles more times than I can remember. The importance of each event is not lost on me, particularly given so many friends and family has often flown in from all over India to be a part of the celebrations. I’ve lost count of how many times family members excitedly tell me how the photo I’m about to take of a group is the only existing photograph of those individuals. No pressure then..

Indian Weddings can be brutal events to work. They often consist of long multiple days with very little rest and the moments never stop, so neither do I. My limbs ache for days afterward – it’s like a whole-body hangover. As tough as documenting Indian Weddings is, I am always excited for the next one and always stoked to start editing the moments captured as soon as the hangover subsides…

Indian Wedding Photography Gallery

London Indian Wedding Pricing

Indian Wedding Photography Packages

We learned early on that trying a one size fits all approach to Wedding Packages for Indian Weddings was pointless. Sometimes we do find our standard 10/12hr packages work fine, but usually, a bespoke quote is required. The primary reason is simply the duration and number of days wedding coverage is required for. Sometimes we are asked to shoot for 16hrs on one day only, most require coverage the previous day and others require coverage over 3 or more days.


Deliverables are ultimately the same as any wedding. As standard, all our clients receive a slideshow summary of the day and an online picture gallery of all the edited photographs. This gallery allows for digital downloads and full print rights are given to the clients. The gallery also has an online print store attached to it. Due to the increased number of hours of coverage provided during Indian Weddings, the main difference is we provide more photos overall and potentially multiple slideshows for each event, or usually one larger slideshow covering the story of the various events.

Multiple Days & Events

I will work with you to figure out exactly what your photography requirements are - oftentimes it's not that clear to couples and you need some help figuring out what is necessary and what isn't. I will coach you through that and we'll end up with a high-level plan for each event and day with respect to my time and how to best achieve your photography goals. I'll then be in a position to provide as competitive a quote as I can with options to maximize my time and/or reduce costs.

Destination Indian Wedding Photography

I am always excited to get the opportunity to venture beyond California and the US to capture wedding stories. Even more so with Indian Weddings. I shoot a handful of Destination Weddings each year and would love to do this more frequently. As with any destination wedding, the pricing is bespoke and based on requirements, but in addition to a reasonable fee for my time, my travel costs will have to be covered. For certain exciting locations and where there is a strong connection with a couple, I can be flexible around travel costs and what I might be willing to absorb.

Indian Wedding Testionials

Nandita & Kirtan

Richard was the absolute best! We hired him to cover our (semi-big) Indian wedding weekend and he was the best choice we made. He was a true professional from the moment we inquired, answering all of our questions with candor and honesty while providing a great perspective and creative input.

When the weekend arrived, he arrived early to all of our events and even stayed late to make sure he captured everything we wanted and more. We are so happy with the results and will definitely cherish the memories and moments he captured for the rest of our lives. Do yourself a favor and hire him. He is truly an artist and you will not regret it!

Aishu & Tarun

Tarun and I were fortunate enough to enjoy a big, fat, South Indian wedding filled to the brim with loved ones from far and wide. In keeping with the tradition of Indian weddings, our families were heavily invested in the planning and execution of the whole event. The one part of the process that Tarun and I felt strongly about managing was the documentation of our big days. We were very specific in what we hoped for in a photographer. We figured, years from now we would want our photos to function as a standalone retelling of our wedding, so we wanted as many of the people, rituals, emotions captured as possible.

The moment we met Rich we were immediately taken with him. He is equal parts professional, charming, and invested in his art. He communicates his keen awareness of the importance of his role effortlessly and carries out his work beautifully. Rich was somehow everywhere at once, caught every important moment of our typically chaotic ceremony and reception, and did so with patience, ease and charisma. By the end of our 3-day whirlwind of a wedding, I believe Rich had been unwittingly adopted into our family and we wouldn't have had it any other way!

Veena & Kishan

Part 1

Perhaps the strongest recommendation I can give for working with Rich is admitting that since my wedding, my family and I have been obsessed with coming up with another occasion or reason to hire him again! After my husband and I got engaged, looking for a photographer was our very first task. Given our backgrounds in film and photography, we were extremely picky. Additionally, we were having a multi-day, not quite a conventional Indian/Hindu wedding, and we needed someone who could capture events that might be unfamiliar.

We researched many companies, but as soon as we came across Clarkie Photography, we knew that there was no other choice for us. Rich is amazing at both couple's photography and candid shots. His couple's photographs are amazingly epic, and the candid shots really capture the beauty and emotions of events. In addition to the amazing aesthetics of his work, I have never seen better documentation of a Hindu wedding ceremony. Meeting with Rich confirmed our choice in Clarkie photography. Rich is incredibly professional and easy to work with, and you can trust him to deliver. He is very punctual and a clear communicator. He always responded to our emails in a timely manner, and took the initiative to check-in and give us updates. He also took the initiative to arrive early and stay late, which means he captured moments of our wedding that even the videographer missed.

Veena & Kishan

Part 2

Rich is also very kind. My whole family loved him. Emotions were running high at the wedding because my family was dealing with a very recent death, and there were several difficult vendors having meltdowns. Rich was able to work with all of this chaos, adjusting his photography plans according to what was going on. He was also really honest and calming, which I truly appreciated! I was extremely stressed the whole weekend, but Rich made a point of telling me when it showed on my face, so we could have the best photographs possible. My husband and I both felt awkward taking couples photographs, which was compounded by exhaustion and hunger, but Rich did a wonderful job of encouraging us and instructing us on how to best pose. He also did a perfect job coordinating with our videographer.

I cannot recommend Clarkie photography enough. His photographs are gorgeous and real. Our family and friends oohed and aahed over their beauty, and we were happy to have photographs that will always remind us of the details, big and small, of our wonderful wedding.

Bivy & Justin

Part 1

First and foremost, Clarkie Photography was one of the best decisions we have ever made for our big day! We are still trying to come up with any excuse to hire Rich again! Many of our friends and family were getting married this year and I noticed many of them used the same photographer or the same style of photography for their wedding day. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that but we wanted our wedding photos to stand out and match our personalities, we didn’t want the filtered, bright, sunny, smiling pictures like everyone else.

We were looking for something raw, passionate, artistic, and breathtaking. I went through almost all 40 some odd pages of photographers in the LA area and finally found Rich. I showed my husband his portfolio and he was blown away. Rich was within our budget, and exactly what we were looking for. What we appreciated most about Rich was that he was honest. In our first phone meeting with him, he told us exactly how he likes to do things and to trust his work. Umm yeah, who would be okay with that? Thank God we were!

Bivy Justin

Part 2

You shouldn’t have to direct your photographer, your photographer should be directing you, and that is exactly what Rich did for our engagement session and our wedding. Did I mention that we had a 440 person South Indian wedding? We are pretty sure Rich came up to us dripping in sweat and telling us how absolutely insane the day was but definitely fun!

We are so grateful that we found a photographer that was passionate and so hard working. We just put up our wedding album and all of our friends and family can’t stop talking about the pictures and how amazing they are. His work speaks for itself. Exactly what we imagined, timeless. Book him. Book him right now. You will never regret it