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January 23, 2019

Last night I realized that I turn 40 next year. I only just turned 38 in December, but obviously, that means 2020 is the year I turn 40. I hadn’t really thought it through and maths was never my strong suit, but saying that out loud was a gut punch. This undeniable reality kept me awake for a good while, despite sleep being like gold dust these days, with a 2yr old who rarely sleeps through the night. No-one likes being faced with stark reminders of how fast time passes by, but in this line of work, we often have to map out what we’ll be doing 18mths from now and most of us enter this annual ritual of blogging about the year we just had. What did we achieve, what were the highlights, declare how incredible it is we get to do this, what does 2019 hold in store? It’s all laid out so clearly and we can even look back (with a couple of clicks) at old blog posts from previous years and 2014 can feel like yesterday.

I admit I can be quite cynical about these things but you can’t deny the fact these reviews are really just a way to show off how many good photos we think we took and how many cool places we went. I mean, look at my title ‘Best Los Angeles Wedding Photography’ which, in my defense, is geared (just like this sentence) towards trying to get some SEO value. I’m not declaring I’m the best in LA, that would make me a dick.

I was being all dismissive about the value of doing these last week, but then I started compiling the ‘best’ wedding images from the year, and I just kept smiling. Every year the same happens, it feels like a chore as I’m coming back from the family trip to the UK, trying to shake off the inevitable man-flu and stressing out that I’m not booking enough weddings for the year ahead, then I’m reminded how incredibly lucky I am to do this each year. 2018 wasn’t perfect, but I’m proud of what I achieved, in spite of some challenges, and I seem to have taken some decent pictures along the way.

Speaking of which, the selection below was super tough to narrow down, like every prior and future year no doubt. And….like every prior year, I just went with my gut and chose the moments which stood out and the types of images I want to appeal to future couples. As with every year, a huge thanks to all my clients for just being themselves, making it easy on me (most of you), trusting me completely, letting me be a part of their stories and for appreciating the value of good wedding photography. You’re all pretty great.

Best Wedding Moments

This is a smaller selection, plus some others not in the wedding slideshow above.


Please visit the blog to see some of the complete wedding stories from 2018 – more will be posted in the next few weeks once I catch up.

If you the above ‘Best Los Angeles Wedding Photography’ selection makes you consider working with me, I’d so love to hear from you. Just get in touch HERE soon, to avoid missing out, as I’m already booking dates for summer 2020.


Nice photos!

So much emotions in this photos! WOW! Great job! )

Perfect Picture.. thanks for the sharing…

alex richardson

Compelling Clarkie. Looks like you had an epic year. Love the mix of joyous moments, intimacy and laughter. Great job my friend!

thanks brother

thank you so much!

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