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January 9, 2020

A jovial bride and groom celebrating their wedding surrounded by people, captured by Richard Clarke, a skilled Dorset Wedding Photographer

2019 was a year of high emotions, that’s for sure. As a family, we grew by one more with the arrival of Charlie in June. We’ve since spent most of the year battling exhaustion but experiencing love and gratitude like never before. Seeing Toby’s face as he entered the hospital room to get the first glimpse of his tiny brother is forever etched in my memory and still brings me to tears thinking about it. Of course, I also have a photo of the moment (a whole sequence in fact), which you’d probably expect. Seeing them together is a feeling that’s hard to describe. I’ll be posting a personal blog with some of my favorite photos of the family from last year shortly. I’ll also be updating my family photography page with some highlights from the year too. 

The purpose of this post, as with previous years, is to share some standout moments and pretty things I witnessed while working with my 2019 Wedding clients. In keeping with previous years, I’ve included way too many photos but I just kept wasting time deciding what to delete that I just gave up. Time is money n’all.. 

I am genuinely so thankful to every single one of my clients for letting me be a small part of the most important day of their lives. You all made my job easier by being genuinely kind, open to taking risks, risking the wrath of the planner by staying an extra 10 minutes to take sunset portraits, defending me during family portraits, asking every 5 minutes if I’ve eaten something, making sure I didn’t step back off that cliff edge or into that busy street, subtly escorting that drunk dude away, being cool about that technical glitch, flying me to places I’ve never been, letting me meet your amazing friends, not giving a shit about the wind messing your hair, pretending to be cool about getting your dress dirty, understanding that shot lists aren’t needed, warning me about that Auntie in advance, not constantly imitating my accent, understanding why I had to say NO to those vodka shots, letting the emotions flow, making me cry in a good way (without knowing it), sharing stories and secrets with me, saying the right thing at the right time, being ok when I say the wrong thing and wearing your hearts on your sleeves. You’re all amazing. 

2019 Best Of Weddings Review


Congratulations on the arrival of Charlie! Hope you all are doing well during these tough times. Thank you for sharing your amazing work. It’s a great inspiration for me.

You’re welcome, Richard! Hopefully weddings can be allowed again soon as we all can get back to work.

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