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Californian Backyard Wedding | Megan + Nathan


April 19, 2015

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Californian Backyard Wedding

Los Angeles Wedding Photographer, Clarkie Photography

I recently attended a talk by two of my favorite wedding photographers. They talked about the importance of “shooting how it feels”. When you’re seeing a moment unfold or trying to predict what will happen, make sure you do justice to how it feels in that moment. Clearly there are other elements which make a great photo but this ethos is a great place to start. This day was certainly full of moments, overflowing with emotion and I felt all of it.

When we met earlier this year I knew immediately that Megan and Nathan would be great to work with but I still had to convince them that I was worth the investment. It was when I saw Megan reach over and hold Nathan’s hand under the table as I showed them a sample wedding album that I knew I might have convinced them. So often you see a switch in the couple when they are able to see something tangible which allows them to imagine how their day might look and feel. Only in recent days (reading a Facebook post from Megan) did I realize that Megan was close to tears viewing my work in that album.

Skip forward a few months to their beautiful backyard wedding in Bakersfield, California and the story of their own special day unfolded in glorious weather. It was so much fun to work with them and their family and friends. I’ve rarely seen so many stolen moments between a couple, many I only spotted during the edit, and so many obvious signs that these two are just meant to be together. That’s a very cool thing to observe for an entire day and makes “shooting how it feels” a sheer joy.

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Thank you for making permanent the wonderful memories of this day.

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