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December 5, 2018

Cielo Farms Wedding Couple Just married

This Cielo Farms Wedding was sandwiched between a Cape Cod and a Vermont Wedding, but despite the logistical inconvenience, I knew the moment I first spoke with Taylor and Moore that this was a wedding story I wanted to be a part of. The day I flew, I left 90F heat on the east coast to be welcomed by 106-109F in LA. Without a doubt some of the toughest conditions I’ve worked in, but it says something about the day and the couple that this stands out as one of the most enjoyable weddings of 2018. When I moved to LA in 2013 and started shooting weddings, I had not appreciated how brutally hot it can get here in the summer. 5 years on and I reckon the overall average temp of my weddings sits around 90F. Those who know me and my fair/beetroot complexion, know that’s less than ideal.

Other than the third-degree burns, the reason why this day stood out was, as is often the case, down to the people involved. From the incredible team led by Kiersten at LB Events & Designs to every single member of Taylor and Moore’s family, the people made it fun, smooth and unforgettable. Of course, the fact it was at the stunning Cielo Farms also helped! I also shot the rehearsal dinner at the famous Michaels restaurant in Santa Monica the night before, and upon arrival Taylor and her mom both ran up to me and gave me the biggest of hugs and immediately made me felt like one of the family, in true Aussie style. Telling the story of and capturing moments for people like this is just great fun, and that much more meaningful.

I am so very grateful that Taylor and Moore felt comfortable enough to let me document their day and to welcome me with such warmth, trust, and belief. I think if it’d been any other couple on that blisteringly hot day, I might not have made it to the grand exit 🙂

I sweated alongside the talented Carsten on this one. A good selection of his images are in this blog.



Awesome photos! Love them!

The photos are spectacular! Congratulations!

Your pictures are gorgeous! Congratulations!

Unbelievable beauty! This phots are as warm as the weather that day. Nice work. Congrats to Taylor and Moore !

Superb images. I really love the way you edit your pictures. They look so good. The color grading and contrast of the images is great. Thank you for the inspiration!

Absolutely beautiful wedding and gorgeous pictures. Congrats!

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