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Why do a pre-wedding shoot?

The Experience

Couple shoots with me are an experience. I don't just want to turn up at a location and go through the motions. I want us to agree a location and plan which will allows us to focus on you guys connecting naturally. No cheese and as little forced posing as possible.

I want you to look back at the shoot with fond memories of the little adventure we had during those 2 hours; exploring our environment, looking for good light, laughing together, just enjoying being in the moment.

The Results

In addition to the feeling that you've just experienced something fun and unique, perhaps seen a new place or witnessed a sunset that will stay with you forever, you also get some decent pictures!

We will create unique images together, images that tell a story of the shoot and in some cases stand out as works of art in their own right. What you do with them is up to you, but I always encourage couples to print as much as you can. You can't beat something tangible to remember the experience by.

The Practice

Don't underestimate how beneficial these shoots are in preparation for your wedding. Being in front of a camera can be daunting. I'll make it as painless as possible and encourage you to relax and be confident. Experiencing how I do that, understanding how I communicate to you and try and get the best out of the moment, will stand you in good stead for the big day itself.

Don't get me wrong, I shoot lots of weddings without previously doing engagement shoots, and they are always great, but having done one does help a little, there's no denying that.

engaged couple laughing on Malibu beach

K & C | Malibu, California


Leah & Chris

"Rich, we really had such a great time with you. Yesterday is very special memory. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You must have a special talent for coaxing 'the feels' out of couples because even if that memory card gets dropped in the bath, I’d be ok with just the experience you’ve given us."

Hopefully the above might encourage you to consider a pre-wedding couple shoot with me. Remember, you don’t have to book a wedding package to secure me for your engagement photography shoot. We often add them to wedding packages but can also do a standalone session. I often get couples arranging an engagement shoot here in London whilst visiting on vacation – so kind of destination engagement shoots!

If you feel a connection with my style of London engagement photography then I’d really love to hear from you. Just hit the button below to get the conversation started. The sooner we get something in the diary and start discussing engagement photography location ideas, the sooner we can produce some unique and creative engagement photos of your very own. I guarantee you’ll be proud to share the results with friends and family. My engagement shoots aren’t cheesy, they are pretty unique and they focus on you guys and how you are with each other. Nothing more. You’ll also get to experience a mini adventure in the process.