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I'll start by saying, if your budget is below what you see here, just reach out anyway, you never know. I run a business and have a family to feed, and I value my work highly, but for the right wedding and couple, and on the right date, who knows!

In the past I’ve always provided pricing on my website, however, given my recent move back to the UK, I’m still feeling my way around the local market and things are very different to the US!!

The best approach is for you to contact me and start a conversation. Let me know your plans and requirements and we’ll go from there.



Online private gallery for viewing/sharing

700+ edited photos (10hr day)

Online Print Store attached to the gallery

Download full-resolution files from gallery

Unlimited Print Rights

Slideshow summary of the day set to music

Planning call to discuss timeline prior to the event



father of bride embraces daughter

Retaining Rich as our wedding photographer was the easiest and best decision we made for our wedding day. He is doing exactly what he was born to do. A total professional from the start, we never had any doubts that he would do everything he could to maximize his time, but create breathtaking products (which he did). He was thorough yet unintrusive, sensitive yet clear, and a complete joy throughout the day.

Our images are priceless artifacts that, due to his keen eye and editing, could be magazine features.

I understand that wedding photography can seem like an indulgent cost, and I get that weddings are already very costly, but Rich is worth every penny and more. I have too many friends who regret skimping on wedding photography because, at the end, it is the only visual artifact from the day (unless you also opt for a videographer). The whole day goes so fast and you can't be there for every beautiful moment. If you can, you want someone with the care and skill that Rich has to document those moments. We will cherish ours forever. Thank you, Rich!

- Erin & Matt

alaska wedding on lake

The photos we received were mind blowing. Adam and I both knew that we had made the right decision, even if we did get a few weird looks from family and friends when we would tell them we were flying a photographer in from LA.

Then came the time for our wedding. Communication was perfect, he answered any questions we had, and made us 100% comfortable. He arrived wedding day bright and early and was there throughout all the chaos. There was a moment where he even told me to breath, calming me down since my nerves were clearly obvious, moments before walking down the aisle. He just seems like he cares, he is passionate about his work, and for the day, is a part of the family even though he is there for a specific job.

My family and friends absolutely adored him. We have had nothing but amazing comments about how fun he was and I can't even put words to how much we love the gallery and slideshow we have now received from our big day. He's a photography wizard and deserves all the praise possible. Thank you so much Rich. Adam and I both appreciate your hard work and will cherish these photos forever.

- Chelsea & Adam

I will cherish the photographs Richard took for the rest of my life. It is impossible to pick a favorite, or even remotely narrow it down. Not a single one looks posed or unnatural. The slideshow he created brings me to tears every time. He managed to capture our motley crew of friends/tribe/family in the most gorgeous way.

The sheer number of images we received EDITED in just three weeks time still ceases to amaze me. He also sent over some teaser images just a day (in which he traveled) after.

He is truly an artist, and the hardest worker in the field. I feel lucky to know him.

- Katelyn & Jess

french destination wedding happy couple married

Imagine being overjoyed and in awe of every single picture from the perfect perspective, telling your wedding story that gets you emotional every time you see it. Everyone has been in awe of how amazing the pictures are and have said \"I've never seen wedding photos like it, they are unbelievable. It is like a magazine cover shoot\". Rich seems to have an omnipotent awareness to preempt where he needs to be to capture the perfect picture. And not just of the bride and groom.

Rich captured many intimate moments between our guests, including one of expecting parents, with their hands on baby-bump. Just one of the many priceless moments he has captured forever. This skill of being in the perfect place every time has produced an astounding story of our wedding and captured the emotion in a stunningly beautiful image, with every single shot

- Stu & Riona

While Rich’s pictures speak for themselves, what is equally remarkable is Rich’s professionalism, adaptability, incredible work ethic, friendliness, and fun demeanor. He so easily fit into whatever was going on and was all a pleasure to be around!

Aside from getting married and choosing for it to be on Catalina Island, where my husband and I met, Rich was the best decision we made while planning our wedding. While there is much to stress about during the whole process and especially on the day, having Rich as our photographer was one thing we never thought twice about.

His pictures are authentic (never forced or too posed) and he really knows what he’s doing. We will be forever grateful for his talent. Along with having amazing memories captured through his lens, we really had a great time with Rich and are so happy to have spent the whole weekend with him. We would hire him again in a heartbeat a thousand times over!

We can’t thank Rich enough for capturing what he did and for giving us the gift of pictures we will treasure forever!! We are so happy to have also made a new friend in the process.

- Abigail & Chris

I have to start with saying that my wife and I were blown away of how perfect everything was. I am a professional photographer myself, and before we met Richard I naturally started thinking of how certain scenarios were going to be dealt with. I was completely put to ease from our very first conversation

From the first conversation we had, until we received our photos, everything was seamless and wonderful. Richard has an ability to come across as an old friend you have not seen in years. It was easy to trust him completely

Richards wedding photography is by far the best I've seen in LA. and his passion for creating a lasting impression with his work is inspiring

- Alex & Kelly

Rich was phenomenal to work with. When looking for the right photographer for our wedding, we knew we wanted someone who not only took beautiful photos, but who also took photos that had something to say. We wanted to capture the quiet moments, the funny moments, the unscripted and genuine moments that made up the story of our day and revealed something of the texture of our relationships. Rich delivered on every level. He was professional and tenacious, fun and funny -- all invaluable qualities when you spend 15 hours together on one of the most emotionally charged days of your life.

Our wedding was so much more than we could have hoped for or imagined, and the images Rich captured are authentic, intimate, and beautiful windows into it. We'd hire Rich again in a heartbeat.

- Lucy & David

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One of the best decisions I have made was hiring Clarkie Photography for my wedding! Rich was so great at walking us through the process, understanding exactly what we wanted, and far exceeding our expectations in his execution! He is not only professional, but incredibly funny and easy going. Which was crucial in maintaining a fun, natural, stress free environment on your special day. We absolutely loved him

- Natalie & Scott

Rich is incredibly professional and easy to work with, and you can trust him to deliver. He is very punctual and a clear communicator. He always responded to our emails in a timely manner, and took the initiative to check in and give us updates. He also took the initiative to arrive early and stay late, which means he captured moments of our wedding that even the videographer missed.

Rich is also very kind. My whole family loved him. Emotions were running high at the wedding because my family was dealing with a very recent death, and there were several difficult vendors having meltdowns. Rich was able to work with all of this chaos, adjusting his photography plans according to what was going on. He was also really honest and calming, which I truly appreciated! I was extremely stressed the whole weekend, but Rich made a point of telling me when it showed on my face, so we could have the best photographs possible. My husband and I both felt awkward taking couples photographs, which was compounded by exhaustion and hunger, but Rich did a wonderful job of encouraging us and instructing us on how to best pose

I cannot recommend Clarkie photography enough. His photographs are gorgeous and real. Our family and friends oohed and aahed over their beauty, and we were happy to have photographs that will always remind us of the details, big and small, of our wonderful wedding.

- Veena & Kishan

When my now-husband and I met with Richard the first time, I didn't expect to reach a decision so quickly. We immediately felt comfortable with him, and as soon as he brought out his sample wedding album I fought back tears as I reviewed the beautiful story before me. That's what makes Richard such an incredible photographer. He uses his camera to tell a story.

On the day of our wedding, Richard's calming presence was even more than we expected. He made everyone feel comfortable, which allowed him to capture raw and real moments. It was an incredible day, and he really was a part of that.

As I look through the pictures from our day, I see and feel the emotions all over again, and that is a real gift. Richard's pictures show so well what the focus of our day was-- the love and joy shared among so many people. The candid expressions, stolen moments, and unbridled emotions became the details that mattered, and his photographs tell that story.

- Megan & Nathan



The first step is to get in touch with me. I’ll then try and meet you both via a Zoom call (or in person, logistics allowing) to hear more about you, your story, your plans and how you want the story of your wedding day told.

You’ll get a feel for whether I’m the right individual, personality and the best photographer for your specific needs and vision.

After that, booking is done online and is so very simple!


I keep it really simple with a couple of coverage options starting at 8 hrs minimum, to which you can add options dependent on your needs.  My standard package includes access to all the edited, high res files (with associated print rights) and an awesome slideshow set to music. I also make myself available to you for a pre-wedding Zoom chat, if required.


Firstly, I love to travel for weddings, so don't hesitate to contact me if you are planning a destination wedding. I charge based on your specific requirements, every wedding is different, and there are obviously extra costs such as travel and accommodation that must be covered by you guys. That being said, I'm open to exploring options for certain locations, so don't be shy.


In addition to a signed contract, I require 50% of the total agreed fee as a non-refundable retainer to secure me for your wedding date.


My average delivery time for the full gallery of images is currently around 6weeks. I also do my best to deliver a few teaser images within 2 weeks. Every wedding is different so I can never commit to a number, but I tell clients when we meet that I usually deliver between 600-800 images for a 10hr + wedding day. Most of my weddings are 12hr days so I often deliver over this amount. I never release RAW files.


Absolutely, I would never deliver any RAW or un-edited files to a client. After I have selected the final images for delivery (600-800 files), I then edit each file individually before converting to a full resolution jpeg file, which you will receive via electronic download from your private gallery.

None of the images are watermarked and I'm cool with you sharing online as long as you credit me!


A family photo list is encouraged, it helps us ensure we get the family shots you need & want. A shot list of moments (staged or otherwise) is not encouraged. Weddings are crazy, fluid, dynamic things and working off one of those shot lists created by wedding blogs is a non-starter for me. I'm not there to manufacture moments, re-create images of other photographers from Pinterest or to commit to achieving every expected shot. I'm there to document your story as it unfolds. I'm sure many photographers do like to work with shot lists and interrupt the flow of a day to pose everything, but that's just not me.


Unless you purchase a 2nd photographer option, yes. I'm very used to shooting alone but I do regularly work with a selection of very talented 2nd photographers as required. The larger the number of guests the more reason to have a 2nd photographer but there are other advantages to having 2 of us shooting your big day. I will walk you through these if/when we meet.

All 2nd photographers I work with are fellow professionals with their own flourishing businesses. No juniors or assistants are ever asked to 2nd shoot.


This obviously depends on the location and duration of the coverage required.

As a guide though, pricing for US weddings start at $4900 for 8 hrs.

I'm still settling back in to the UK market, but my expectation is that pricing will begin at £2400 for 8hrs for 2022 but this will increase for 2023 weddings.


I say this in other places on this site because I think it's so important and sometimes overlooked - hire a photographer whose work you love but also make sure they are someone you'd be happy to hang out with on your big day. You can only figure that out if you meet and talk at length with your photographer before you book. Get to know them, ask lots of questions and if you get to the point where it feels like you're hiring a friend to shoot your wedding, and not just another vendor, then you're in a good place.

What I Say To Every Couple

Hire a photographer whose work and storytelling you adore but most importantly than that, hire a photographer you like. You should aim to work a photographer who you'll see as a friend on your wedding day, not just another vendor. If you can do that, good things will happen. You will have fun, be relaxed, you won't be second guessing your photographer's decisions, you'll trust them and encourage them to take risks and you'll be more inclined to reveal the real you.

Remember, this is all about you guys, your story, your truth, your moments. Do everything you can to make sure your relationship with your wedding photographer allows that to be the focus.

If that partnership is with me, I promise that I will do everything in my power to tell your story in a beautiful, meaningful and authentic way. I want to capture the moments that really matter, making images that will make the hairs on your neck stand up when you view them for years to come. I won't shy away from your truth and will tell the story in an honest way.

I promise I will arrive early and stay late. I'll put in so much effort you and your guests will comment. You'll never be in doubt you made the right decision to hire me.