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Mountain Mermaid Wedding | Sam + Brett


December 9, 2015

Apart from a couple of weddings each year, I get to shoot at new venues every week. That level of variety is so energizing and gets the creative juices flowing each week. I never underestimate how lucky I am to have that. Living and shooting in Los Angeles means I often have a feeling of being at a mini destination wedding, less than an hour out of the city, or even inside the city! That’s helped by the fact that I still feel like a bit of a tourist but also because the venue options are so varied and many of them make you feel like you could be somewhere else in the world. I’d place Mountain Mermaid in that category. It’s an incredible, probably largely unknown wedding venue.

I remember when I first spoke to Sam about working together, she was so stoked about having found the venue and the minute I arrived I knew exactly why. Perched above the Toping Canyon outside of LA in acres of lush garden and with the main building being a “1930’s architectural gem” as they call it, you can’t really go wrong.

Sam and Brett’s Mountain Mermaid wedding was just the right balance of everything that is important on a wedding day, in my view anyway. The level of focus on family and friends, the simple but meaningful personal touches and the general feel of the day was just perfect. It was an honor to be a small part of it.

I should also mention that it was great working with the awesome No Worries Event Planning team led by Dee for this one. Hope to do so again soon!

 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_001 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_005 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_006 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_007 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_008 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_009 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_011 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_012 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_013 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_014 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_015 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_016 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_017 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_019 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_020 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_021 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_023 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_024 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_025 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_027 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_028 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_029 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_030 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_032 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_033 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_034 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_035 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_036 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_037 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_038 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_039 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_042 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_043 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_045 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_047 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_048 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_050 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_051 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_054 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_055 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_056 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_057 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_058 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_059 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_060 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_062 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_063 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_064 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_066 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_068 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_069 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_071 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_072 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_073 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_074 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_076 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_078 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_079 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_080 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_081 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_082Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding-Dancing_006Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_084Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_089 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_085 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_088Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding-Dancing_004 Mountain-Mermaid-Wedding_093


Phenomenal work. That last shot is a beauty, and some of those getting ready shots are pure art.

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