Northbrook Park Wedding


June 27, 2017

This is a catch up post from last years incredible Northbrook Park Wedding of my good friends Fiona and Steve. I used to work with these guys in my previous life in the IT industry, before I switched to photography, so it was more than surreal to be photographing their wedding and catching up with mutual friends and colleagues from the past. Kind of stressful but a lot of fun too.

Putting this blog together today was a pleasant reminder as to how great a wedding it was. I’d almost forgotten how packed full of fun and emotion it was – and all in such a stunning setting.

I’d love the opportunity to go back home to shoot more UK weddings but it’s always about timing. Thankfully we could make this work. I loved every second of it.

Thanks to Zibi who shot alongside me for this one. A few of his images are included below.

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