South Asian Wedding Malibu


March 8, 2019

South Asian Wedding Photographer Malibu

Aishu and Tarun’s South Asian Wedding in Malibu was one of the most fascinating and exciting weddings I’ve attended. It was spread across three days, with the Mehendi down in Long Beach but the Baraat and ceremony at the stunning and historic Marwah Ranch in Malibu the following days. I had some help from Carsten of Ilumina Studios on day 3 and between us, over the 3 events, we shot close to 40k frames. So fair warning, this isn’t a short blog, but it will hopefully hold your attention until the end.

Photographing Indian weddings is a delight. They’re exhausting and demanding, but in all the right ways. If you can’t get inspired to create and document at these events, then you’re in the wrong business. Aishu and Tarun are beautiful, kind and intelligent people. From our first skype call to now, as we finalize the wedding album design together, they have been so much fun to work with. They trusted in me from the start and despite all the structure of the weekend and the usual stresses, they let me do my thing and smiled throughout. Their families are also the most genuinely lovely people – it’s no wonder their kids turned out so great.

Every South Asian wedding I attend is unique and includes customs from different parts of South Asia. Predicting exactly what’s about to happen is almost impossible, but the more you do the more you have an idea. Being in the right place is key and there many moments where to be in the right spot meant working the elbows, applying a forceful yet respectful nudge, getting really low (butt level and below) and just embracing the chaos. I wish I could shoot these stories every week, but I fear I’d be burnt out by July…

Moments galore, intense emotions, powerful family connections, color, chaos, laughter, and meaning everywhere – that’s what this weekend was about. Thank you Aishu and Tarun for letting me be there to capture some of it.