Wattles Mansion Wedding Hollywood


February 5, 2020

This was my first Wattles Mansion Wedding in Hollywood and I hope the first of many. Wattles Mansion & Gardens in Los Angeles is such a hidden gem of a wedding venue. I say hidden because, after 8 years living here, I didn’t even know it existed. It offers such a beautiful ceremony location in the gardens and the Mansion itself is stunning, full of character and blessed with gorgeous natural light for getting ready photos. We got some rain but also perfect cloudy conditions for photography during the early portions of the day.

Luci and Patrick are genuinely two of the kindest people you’re likely to meet, and it will be no surprise that their families and friends were just as lovely. They all made me feel so welcome and trusted to just do my thing. Rather than me waffling on to try and explain in words just how perfect every aspect of the day was, just take a look at the photographs.

This wedding story is one of my favorites yet and I’m so proud to share it here. I’m sharing a lot more than I normally would in a blog. Huge thanks to Fitz (who shot alongside me on the day) for capturing some incredible candid moments during the day. Having you there as a backup in case baby number 2 arrived early was a great comfort.

Wattles Mansion & Gardens Wedding Photos


Wattles Mansion & Gardens looks like an amazing venue. I love your photos! And really nice work on black&white images as well!

Really really nice pictures … Incredibly beautiful editing which gives a great feeling!

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